Posting without bumping topic?

(Jan P.) #1

Sometimes I want to write “Good job”, “Great you found the solution” or something that is relevant to all the people in the thread and especially the last poster, but not relevant for all the people in the forum in general.

Is there a way to post something without bumping the whole topic to the top?

(David Taylor) #2

There isn’t a way to post without bumping the topic. For the cases you describe, maybe you could just use the ‘like’ button?

(Jan P.) #3

Liking is much less part of a “conversation”.

The usecase I have here is often >10 post ping pong debugging a problem, suggestion solutions etc. Only reacting with a like feels… insufficient.

(Of course I totally get that this is a special use case and maybe also not the intended way to use Discourse. Was still hoping this was possible)

(Mittineague) #4

You could send them a personalized message.

I think the members getting something like
"Hi memberABC
Thanks for contributing to the discussion, blah, blah schmooze"
would make them feel appreciated.


You can edit the timestamp (so it drops back down the feed) for a manual workaround.

(Paula Kreuzer) #6

Is it possible to give moderators the ability to edit timestamps in order to “unbump” topics?


I’m editing the “this topic was closed”-post of an old topic to add a link to a more recent topic (so people who find the old topic through the search function know where to go) but don’t want the old topic to get bumped.
This happens quite a lot and I can’t always ask an admin to jump in. Usually I just end up not editing the post and hope people find a recent topic by themselves.


I can’t think of a solid reason why not. @erlend_sh – thoughts?

(Dave McClure) #8

See also:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #9

There could be a lot of subtle complexity to this so it requires dev input. @tgxworld did you have a cursory look at how difficult this would be to do?

Seems to me like the OP’s idea of having a “do not bump” checkbox might be easier to implement, but even that is a tough sell as far as prioritization goes.

Usually bumping is not nearly as disruptive as one would think. We’ve gotten pretty good at glancing over things we don’t care about :wink:

(Alan Tan) #10

The server side logic has already been implemented in the past

Difficulty on the client side will depend on where we expose the “do no bump” settings.

(Alex Armstrong) #11

I’m interested in this feature for a different use case. Sometimes I edit people’s topics to change their category, add tags, etc. If no one has replied yet, this bumps the topic, which I dislike as there’s no new information essentially.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #12

Probably the composer cog:

“Hide details” and “Blur spoiler” are probably even more obscure use cases than “do not bump”.

(Drew) #13

We’ve had issues with this on our forum as well WRT moderation. There are a number of things we want to do that are blocked because we don’t want to spam Latest:

  • Go through bug reports and close all solved issues that never previously closed
  • Mass-fix miscategorization of feature requests / bug reports when we still allowed users to post in top-level category
  • Add solutions to a bunch of our old Q/A posts to improve value of search

(Jeff Atwood) #14

I do support this as a staff option.