No-bump for admin edits on first and only post in a topic

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Re-categorizing 10-year-old topics in my forum bumps them to the top of the Latest list. It would be great to have a “no-bump” option for admins when performing wrench actions or edits for posts that don’t need to be brought back to the top.


See Minor editing should not bump the topic - using the bulk topic edit tool skips bumps.


Thanks @jomaxro. I missed that topic in my search for solutions.

Still, it would be nice to have the admin no-bump option when editing old topics. For example, I have topics that were posted by email and later imported and re-imported again into Discourse, so they contain all sorts of junk that I clean up when I come across them.

Sounds like a feature request for the discourse-no-bump plugin.


What you describe can only happen if the first post is the only post in the topic.

This is true. But the posts go back to 1996 when a change in the reply’s email subject meant that it would not be threaded properly, so I have a bunch of one-post topics.

I agree and would like to see this feature. We have a Discourse forum that was migrated from phpBB so lots of the old posts have messed up formatting for various reasons. I’ve been going through decade-old topics and editing them, but when I edit the last post in a topic, it is unfortunately bumped to the top of the “Latest” lists.

I have a simple feature request: allow moderators like me to type something like “#nobump” in the “edit reason” field to avoid the bump. This seems like a win-win: you don’t have to clutter up the user interface, but people like me who care can avoid bumping the topic without much trouble.

Another option could be an “Unbump” command in one of the admin menus so I can fix it after the fact. I suppose this would change whatever topic timestamp is used to sort the “Latest” list to be the creation date of the latest post.



Personally I’d rather see a checkbox (visible to staff only) for “minor edit”, or “don’t bump this edit” if we’re going to add this feature. Having to know the exact text for the edit reason is really ninja - make a typo and you bump it anyway.


I think the Admin menu “unbump” option for the last post in a topic is good. It solves this problem. Uneasy about cluttering composer, perhaps if it was in the “gear” menu.

Also, perhaps a simply site setting for “staff do not bump on edit”, then you would turn it on, go on editing spree and turn it off.


:arrow_up: If this were a poll, I’d vote for this option. :smiley:


There is precedent for a “sink” option on topics that prevents them from ever being bounced. When you want a discussion to continue but not ever be bumped. So I support that.


Just wanted to give a shoutout to Bump Reset plugin - Annotated to help new devs which I’ve found to be a good solution to the problem of editing posts without bumping them.


The “Reset Bump Date” admin action effectively solves this request.