How to Pin topic to top?


We are attempting to pin topic to top of each category, but for other users, it doesn’t get pinned to top. Have read about banner, but don’t see the option in the admin menu (wrench). How can we force the topic (e.g category x instruction) so that user can’t unpin it? THANKS

Hi Hossein_Amerkashi welcome to the forum

Pinned topics can be unpinned, and Banner topics can be dismissed.

But if you are looking for the “make banner” option it is in the “make pinned” modal.

There are other things you might be able to do, it depends a lot on just what you have in mind to do.

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You can’t do this using the standard pinning processes.
You could write custom HTML/CSS to add a banner that users can’t dismiss and include a link to a post.

Theoretically a user unpins a topic when they’ve read it, so forcing it to remain is likely to be a frustration for people. Can you explain your use case?


But there’s a site setting for that.
Search for default topics automatic unpin and automatically unpin topics . When a user read it, the topic remains pinned

EDIT: if you disable only default topics automatic unpin , users can change this setting in their preferences/interface. I think this choise is the best for your users.
If you disable both settings, topics remain pinned forever (users cannot control it at all, and for regulars it can be annoying).


Note that this only means that topics will not be unpinned automatically, and uses cannot control automatic unpinning. Users can still manually unpin topics for themselves. (I consider this to be a good thing.)


You’re right, I forgot that users can unpin a topic clicking on the pin icon, sorry.

Thanks for reply.
I’m unclear. Please look at the pinned topic below. It can’t be unpinned. This is what we like to do. This requires custom css???

bug - Discourse Meta

This topic can be unpinned by users (and even got auto-unpinned for me after reading it, because I’ve enabled that):

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You can hide the button Pinned-Unpinned and the pin icon with CSS
Something like this should work:

.pinned-options {
    display: none;
.topic-status .fa.fa-thumb-tack {
    display: none;

If your users can’t see the pin icon they can’t click on to unpin a topic, the same thing if they can’t see the button.

(If you really really really want to do it)