How to enable Cloudflare caching of images and css only (exclude .js files and admin area)

I used page rules. I’m still testing but will update this post with more details if I see no conflicts or issues after a month of using.

If this works, I plan to modify rules more extensively to cache only some of the .js files and exclude specific ones.

Edit: no issues thus far. You can get a feel for the speed by visiting the forums. Hosted with (3.5GHz cores + NVMe @ 2G/s + 3GB memory).


@haydenjames looking back on this, how has it worked out?

Reading through the forums, it seems like a big no no to use Cloudflare optimizations. I know during install, I had to turn off orange cloud and roll with these settings:*
Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Performance

I’ve left it that way, so I’m only using their DNS.

Looking at your screenshot, polling jumped out to me. It looks like your optimizations are going to allow Cloudflare to optimize “/message-bus/”, which from my reading can cause some issues. Just curious how this has all worked out.

I would like all the optimizations I can get, but not at the expense of headaches! :smile:


It’s been working great. Sorry about the late reply. I was not active because I had no issues.

I should have mentioned you should also add this in config. So you will have real-ips in admin panel.