How to enable invite link for members?

As an admin I see an option to create invite link. But when I try invite feature from the test member account it only shows me option to send 1 email invite.


We are currently reworking the invite system and some of the changes are already in the latest version of Discourse, including the one which allows regular users to create invite links. What you are seeing is the old UI which allowed only staff members.


Hi, where should normal users go to invite someone? Thanks

Simply go to user :gear: Preferences and then :raising_hand_man: Invites.

For example, for your user and this site, it should be this URL. Please keep in mind that there are site settings which can affect the behavior of the invites such as min trust level to allow invite.

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Ok thanks it was that setting…

BTW, you guys are KOOL!!! Thank you so much for giving us discourse!

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