Why is the invite screen different for normal users?

Configure how users can create and send invites for others to join your community

Question: as admin i get the invite mask as shown in the in your explanation. However if i try this with a normal user with invite button in its profile i get only this mask:

Why is this mask so restricted? So far i couldn’t find any configuration settings for this.

I think the main differences are that Admins have the power to add people to groups, which is why that’s different to regular user invites. Varying the invite redemption length is another admin perk.

But if you use the invite link at the bottom of a topic in a public category it will allow a normal user to use ‘arrive at topic’:

And you can also save a link version by leaving the email blank.

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Thanks may you should include this to the first entry of this topic :slight_smile:

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I’ve whipped up a users guide for the Invites now too. :+1:


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