How to follow a user and get notifications for this specific user?

I searched but couldn’t find an answer to this specifically…

Is there a way to get a notification (email, desktop) for a specific user? I know you can suppress specific users…


Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean? You want a notification every time a particular user posts? You’ll need to subscribe to the RSS feed on that user’s profile page then.

To subscribe to a user’s RSS feed, you will need a RSS reader.


Ah, I see. But that’s not as quick (and as native) as getting a desktop notification whenever a specific user posts or responds.

I did see this:



Discourse isn’t a social media engine, but a discussion tool, so the “follow a person” feature never really made sense to us.


And I agree with this perspective entirely… but there is a use-case, I believe, where there’s someone specific or a leader / moderator that you realize you trust a lot and you don’t want to miss anything they have to offer. I see this behavior in my own new forum where folks really want to follow a very specific person of interest.



Then visit that person’s profile page… which contains all their posts.


That’s what I’m recommending to the users who have asked! Perfecto.


How feasible would it be to “bookmark a user”? Basically a way to keep a list of the people I want to keep track of.


The easiest way I can think of is to create a message to yourself with posts containing links to their Profiles.


Revisiting this old issue… I think this feature would make sense as an administrative tool, not as a site-wide feature.

Some possible (non-social) use cases

All of these are based on actual experiences I had.

The unconfirmed spammer:

So I’ve seen this kind of spammer before, they do this one post, then a few days later come back and do a post with some SEO link. BUT I can’t be 100% sure this isn’t a legitimate user. So I would like to subscribe to his posts so I would be immediately notified when he posts again.

The trainee:

I have a new moderator I am training and I want to ask to see all his posts to help him out as he goes along.

The person I’ve just warned:

So, suppose I have to give one of my dear community members a harsh warning. Then I’m nervous and fidgeting, will he repeat his behavior? Will he lash out with a really nasty post? I need to stay on top of that…

Some possible details about the feature

These are just ideas, I’m not even sure if they’re good ones…

  • this could be an auto-subscribe feature: I’m an admin, I warn someone, then Discourse automatically notifies me “A person who was recently warned has posted”

  • this could be an auto-expire feature: I can subscribe to user’s posts for a week, or a month, but not indefinitely.


What about the Follow Plugin 👨? Looks like there are plans for a “stealth mode” that would solve the administrative need.


Definitely looks interesting, thanks. The yet-to-be-implemented Stealth mode would be a must, I won’t have much use for the plugin without it.

I guess I would really prefer a way to have this exclusively for admins, to keep turning my site into this “social” style like @codinghorror mentioned above…

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Is there a way for users to discover the RSS feeds? Even just an auto-discovery link would be enough for people to find it with simple instructions: “go to a user profile page (any section) and paste the URL into your RSS reader”, maybe something like this:

    title="{username} on {siteName}"

…what RSS feed? I notice no information relevant via any profile.

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