Watch Users Setting


I see the following options for notifications about a member:


However, would it be possible to add a “Watching” option?

This would be especially useful for moderators who want to track potentially problematic members and their participation in a large community.


What would this actually do? No such feature is planned at the current time.

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Hi Jeff, that’s a completely fair question.

Here are some potential use cases:

  1. Intranet: An employee wants to watch the posts of their manager or a key influencer in their organization; a manager wants to watch the posts of a new hire as they get onboarded into the organization

  2. Community: A member of the community wants to watch the posts of a speaker/influencer/leader of the community (perhaps an employee of the hosting organization)

  3. Moderation: A moderator wants to watch the posts of a potentially troublesome community member


This seems equal to follow feature on social media. This plugin could be useful:


You can already do this if you want to use the rss feeds. For example, here is your activity feed on this site that is available for anyone to follow.


Couldn’t you already achieve this by subscribing to the RSS feed on that user’s page?


I think that will work. I think it would be a slight upgrade to keep all the activity within the Discourse ecosystem through this feature suggestion, but the RSS feed is a definite solution that works as well. Especially in an intranet environment, asking people to adopt both Discourse and an RSS reader will be a tough challenge. Thank you!