Default tag for new topics?

Is there a way to make a default tag appear on threads where the user hasn’t selected one. Either specific to the category they’re in or simply just a defacto one?

I only have 2 categories, general/trading. As users don’t use tags if they don’t know which ones exist, i’m having to go in and manually add them if users don’t use it, would be great if a default tag can be added in the event there wasn’t one selected.

You can force users to choose a tag via the Tags settings per category.

The config takes of these took me a while to understand - I had to play with it quite a bit to achieve what I wanted, but got there in the end. And I’m pretty sure it would work for you.

This topic explains what you can do:


Thanks that was a useful read. I managed to set up some tag groups. I still can’t figure out how to force users to choose a tag, not sure if i’m being blind lol

Look in the Category settings:


You lovely man thanks I sorted it


Ypu can also specify in your tag group that only 1 tag can be selected additionally. from a tag group. Combined with 1 tag required ensures only 1 tag if needed.

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