How to free up a user number after deletion of a user?

Hi so the issue is as follows:

I deleted user number 6, however when a user is deleted its number is still marked as non-free it seems?

I do want the next user to have the deleted user’s number, how do I accomplish that?

Yes, a minor thing but important for my particular case.

You can’t.

What is your case?


Potential future mod is from a place where numerology is taken seriously, so she insist on being user number 6 because that’s one of the good ones… but turned out she can wait until number 15 because 1+5 = 6



Lol. Uh, yeah. That would be an edge case.

That’s a very clever solution!

Also, it’s not that easy to know what you’re user id is - - how did she even notice?


No kiddin` :upside_down_face:

Asked me before registering if such a thing exists…

Thanks and guys keep up the great work! Discourse is impressive!