Deleted user info shows up in new user approval

When setting up a new Discourse with must approve users set, I discovered that after creating and then deleting a test user, the same user id was later re-used when a real user signed up, but since a row was left over in public.reviewables with the same target_id, no new row was created for this second user. The UI then listed the now-deleted username when prompting the new user to be approved.


How did you delete the initial test user? Was it though the Discourse user interface, or from the Rails console?


All of the user management was done in the UI

I haven’t been able to repro this and unfortunately I wasn’t closely recording all the steps I was following since I was just learning about operating Discourse. I do have the current records from users and reviewables tables which partially corroborate what I saw, in case there’s a clue in there, as well as the nginx and rails logs


We use PG sequences for user ids and they always go up. Even if you roll back a transaction the sequence will keep increasing.

It would take direct DB fiddling to break this constraint ( a reset of the id sequence on the user table for example)

I am closing this pending a repro, if you can repro this situation please flag this to be reopened.

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