How to get a docker image of discourse using bash on windows 10?

I am very new to the concept of Docker. Can somebody help me out on how to get a docker image of discourse for Windows 10 via bash ( I have Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS on my bash)?

@sam I have read your post on this topic. Could you direct me to the correct way?

Unfortunately, this won’t work. Docker uses specific features of the Linux kernel to separate the containerized processes from the rest of the system. While Microsoft has taught the Windows kernel to execute most Linux binaries now, this approach is (currently) incompatible with Docker.

In principle, it appears that Discourse will run inside the Linux subsystem when you install it directly within Bash, similar to the native dev installation instructions for Ubuntu. @sam has left some notes on how to do this:

It looks like this is working fine, but is rather on the slow side, with an up to 10x slowdown compared to native Linux, depending on the workload. If that’s okay for development for you, just follow @sam’s instructions :slight_smile:


@fefrei - So is it possible that I install discourse on bash and Docker on Windows 10 and then use Docker to create Docker image of discourse?

No, Docker does not work in the Linux subsystem on Windows 10.
(But for development, Discourse runs without Docker, and this kind of installation works on Windows 10.)