Installing Discourse on windows using Docker Desktop

Hello all,

Using a windows corporate laptop, i cant really have WSL on my pc without admin rights. I was wondering if it is possible to use Discourse only using Docker Desktop without WSL ? I dont want my website to be accessible from the internet , mly purpose is to manipulate discourse in my local before going live later .

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you can use Install Discourse for development using Docker?

But unless you want to develop plugins, a cloud server is easier.


I tried to but i cant use WSL because i dont have it installed on my computer and i cannot install it without admin rights…

So it sounds like a cloud server will be the easiest way to go.


Since Docker on Windows is a Linux VM, technically you could spin up a vanilla Ubuntu container and then follow Install Discourse on Ubuntu or Debian for Development.

Persistence would be a bit awkward, but depending on your need it’s better than nothing.

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