How to get Discourse forum engine version from a user forum environment (for example from a web browser)


I read the How to write a good bug report post.
I found unusual to report the problems without mentioning the forum engine version which is running on a website.

On this site I found possible way to do it: to open DevTools of a browser, Console tab and to get data from the

//'2.8.0.beta8 510219a0daef50056420762f446aac4c88c90ba1'

But the same time opened other websites:
with Discourse forum engine but I was unable to find the forum version there:

// undefined

The questions are:

  1. why forum engine version is not required in bug reports? Like it is not matter which it is: to process all as the same one, which obviously not true.
  2. why the resource have the version and (all?) others do not?
  3. how to realize the app version on a Discourse forum website?
  4. does the front-end and the back-end parts of the Discourse forum engine are always the same (equals to each other, strictly “linked” together)?


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There is a generator tag in the head of the document with the current version.

You can check it easily with:

curl -s 2>&1 | grep generator

Or by checking the same tag in the browser dev tools by pressing F12.

It’s easier to ask for links and then we can go and check the version in the link looking the the HTML. There are lots of non-technical users in here.



Or via DOM query with JS from console of the page:


Almost answered all, the

remains. May be you know and that also?

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All the others have the generator tag. That is the official and only supported way to getting the version.

But the difference you see on the Discourse.application.APP.version object is due to New installs will default to Ember CLI builds in Production which Meta is already running but will only be rolled out to older sites in a few weeks.


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