How to get Discourse Meta Branded Theme?

The default team of this community is so cool, by far the best team I’ve see in discourse.
Others opinion may vary though.

Please, is there any way I can get the Meta Branded Theme?



Maybe ☁️ Discourse Air Theme could be a base for building something similar.


Such a shame, I am new to discourse and don’t know anything about theming.

Meta Branded is an absolute gem!

Did you check out the theme I mentioned in my previous post?


Discourse Air theme is not similar.

They seem pretty similar to me, you just add Full-width to air, and they’d be pretty close.

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Start with installing the Air Theme following the instructions. A full theme has customizations and a set of included theme-component a.

From there play by finding other theme-component one at a time and see if it produces a desired effect. Like the one that @Firepup650 mentioned.


Yeah I’m afraid this particular theme is one that we’re keeping proprietary, I think. @jordan-vidrine can confirm. As the others have said, it’s definitely possible to replicate it you have the skills.


Thanks a lot, it looks a base for Branded them crafting but there are some default extra customizations I do not like. =>

Yep that is correct, this is pretty specific to the Discourse branding to tie it in to our site at We wont be releasing it publicly, that being said, it’s fairly simple to do with CSS.


I also really like the meta design. There’s a lot of attention to detail here. Great work. :heart:

It would be really great if the design could become “open source” at some point. I’m not too talented in these CSS things. That would be a long to-do list to work through. Above all, I have unfortunately not managed to set the dropdown menus with rounded corners. I also keep getting error messages with the “Ember” CSS elements.