☁️ Discourse Air Theme

A clean & modern theme with a handful of theme-components included to enhance your forum!

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Categories Page

This theme includes a handful of components to enhance your forum as well.

  • Dark Light Scheme Toggle
  • Clickable Topics
  • Discourse Loading Slider
  • Discourse Search Banner
  • Modern Category + Group Boxes

:exclamation: Please read through these tips upon installation, as there are a couple of settings that NEED TO BE ENABLED for this to theme to render properly.


Dark Light Scheme Toggle

For this to work properly, at least 2 color scheme choices need to be enabled in your https://discourse.jordanvidrine.com/admin/customize/colors area. At least two colors need to have color scheme can be selected by users enabled.

Once this is done, users should be able to choose between two color schemes as their light and dark preferences in their user preferences interface menu.

Discourse Search Banner

In the options for the discourse-search-banner theme component, the plugin-outlet options needs to be set to BELOW-SITE-HEADER for this theme to render properly.

Modern Category + Group Boxes

This theme component requires your categories to use the CATEGORY BOXES WITH SUBCATEGORIES setting in your /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=categories area.

This theme component also allows the forum admin to organize their category page with header titles, and choose which categories appear under each header. To keep things simple, I have only allowed up to 5 headings to be used. If no categories + heading settings are chosen, all categories will render as they do above, this is the default rendering option.

Feel free to post any issues here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hope you enjoy!


That is just amazing Jordan! :heart_eyes: I love it!


I love simple themes! :heart:


Love it! The dark light toggle is exactly what I have been looking for. Would be great to see it in the #theme category posted individually. A lot of users will get value from it.

Just one question: In my forum the dark theme toggle Auto detect menu item is always displayed as 2 lines, even when the text is super short. I tested it with the air-theme as well and had same issue.
Could not find any issues in CSS. Any idea what’s causing this?

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It will be helpful if the welcome message can be hide when left locale field empty :+1:

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Oh wow, this looks really nice! Thank you for the share. :slight_smile:


This theme gives discourse the modern look it deserves. Very well done @jordan.vidrine


Theme looks amazing. Awesome work :heart_eyes:

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This theme looks so amazing. Hope we can get this category page design as a separate component as well. It is looking way better this way. :heart:


This is great! One thing I noticed is that the design on mobile makes the about page, faq, etc. harder to read.


Thanks it is nice…

First time I install a new theme. I really like this one!!

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This has been fixed, thanks for letting us know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Is it intended that after some topics there are no suggested topics or the read more text? Maybe there is, but then I can’t see it, because I cannot scroll further.
Here I cannot see it:

But here I can:

After changing theme - some of my users, as I understand stand them, have hard to see what topic they have read and the one they havn’t read yet. I think like:

The blue dot?

Could you add that one to your theme?


It seems like more related to the dark theme than the light one as I understand them…

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Its actually just a detail I missed. I will add a different background-color and text color for topics that have been visited. Thanks for bringing this up.


If you update your theme, things should be fixed.


A iphone 12 user reports that his not getting the view of my whole page:


Topic URL: Test af nyt forumlayout! - Site Feedback og Info - Studmed.dk

Could be related to vote option?

I can actually reproduce it on my iphone 8

Im not sure if it was specific to the vote option, but I just pushed an update that seems to fix it. Please update and let me know if it is still an issue.