How to get forum search result in Google like quora?


(Jk Baseer) #1

This images says everything. So when a user search “How to solve ___ in this software” in google search , we get very structured results from Quora and stackoverflow.

Am not exactly sure how to get this but previously I have used Google Webmaster Structured Data

And when people search, i was able to get something like below . Do you guys know how? because currently my discourse site on webmaster shows " We do not detect any structured data on your site."

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This only applies to Q&A software, outside of the solved plugin, that does not apply to Discourse.

That said as @david recently pointed out, we should try to make this true for topics where solved is indeed being used.

(Jk Baseer) #3

Thanks for clarifying!
Which means I would assume this is not possible now even with any changes. In future, it might be possible as you shared.


My two cents: Just give to your forum some space, and just focus on your content.
Stop thinking on SEO things, and Google results.

I admin a discourse forum about SAP (in Spanish) and like your first screenshot I have results on Google such this:

So… magic discourse :clap:

(Jk Baseer) #5

Perfect! Definitely I would follow what you said.

I just want to make sure technically if we need to anything to achieve this. So the answer is no!
Magic discourse :hugs:

(Kane York) #6

I believe that’s a generic thing that could show up on any website with a high number of “relevant” results.


Nothing at all.
Just keep Discourse update.
I don’t use any plugin (just Data Explorer for admin purposes).