New Google rich results for Q&A pages

I just got an email from Google encouraging me to configure “rich results for Q&A pages.”

Is this a new Google feature? If so, are there plans to support this on Discourse?

Here’s the documentation page Google linked to:

Here’s the text of the email I received:

New Google rich result for Q&A pages

To the owner of,

Google has detected that your site has markup for Question and Answer pages. These pages might soon begin to appear in Google Search results with special features.

To support for this feature for your site, ensure that your markup conforms to the guidelines in the linked “get started” document below. Use the Rich Results Test can show you which user queries showed your Q&A Rich Results in Google Search, and how these change over time.


There is already something going on here and it seems like discourse-solved is providing the schema that is necessary for displaying rich results: