How to get notifications on group membership requests?


We have a private category restricted to a group. When a non member tries to read a post in that category, they get offered the option to request membership (as expected)

the group ownes can see the requests to join at /g/[name_of_group]/requests, but they do not receive a notification (either on the site or as email)

This makes it tricky to properly manage the requests, as they get stalled there until one of the owner goes there and grants access.

Is there a way to get notifications in a setting I missed?

This sounds like a bug to me… I noticed I was not getting notifications here on plugin author reqs anymore. @vinothkannans can you investigate what is up here?


Thanks Sam,

I’m on v2.4.0.beta2 +235

@vinothkannans, I’m not yet familiar with your dev workflow, but happy to create an issue with more info if needed

I’m unable to reproduce the issue here (also in try.discourse and in my local).

Note, as per the above code the notification PM will be created only for the 5 group owners who recently online. I think your group has more than 5 owners.

We have 6 owners.


Looking a bit more at my configuration and trying to find something relevant:

I think one of the admin changed the visibility from “Everyone” to “Logged on users”


and now the "Allow users to send membership is checked, but disabled

When I’m looking at another group (visible only to logged in users)


The “allow users to send membership requests” is disabled and unchecked

Could it be the issue? is this expected that you can’t send membership requests to a group that is visible only to logged in users?


Yes, the visibility level setting of group is affecting the “membership requests” feature. The “logged on users” option for group visibility setting is added recently. After that, the membership requests feature should be compatible with “logged on users” option too (not just “public”). I will fix that :hammer_and_wrench:


@xav this should resolve the problem.