Group membership request fails to notify members?

This is likely a bug


We have a closed group with ‘request’ membership.
Group is visible to everyone and mentionable by everyone.

When someone requests membership, group owners invite the whole group to the membership message for review and (whiper) discussion.

When the group is invited, the membership request message is notified of that invitation, and the individual removal of each group owner. That is fine. Since group owners are members of the group, we expect them to be removed individually from the notifications when the group is notified. OK.


When inviting the group, we expect that all members get access to that message, not just owners.

So once a group owner have invited the group, they send a message mentioning the group, telling them to evaluate the membership request.


What actually happens

At this point, when we mention the group, a popup warns us that

You mentioned [the group] but only NaN members will be notified because the other members are unable to see this personal message. You will need to invite them to this personal message.

It seems like the group membership requests are specifically restricted to group owners and break the normal topic invitation flow.

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I would hazard a guess here the client pop-up is wrong since it is incorrectly remembering the original PM access permissions.

If you:

  • invite the group to the PM
  • reload the PM
  • mention the group

Does it behave properly?

What is the group members visibility option set to? i.e. this option:


My other guess is the client can’t calculate the number of people here who can see the message.

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We had two cases. In the first case, the group was invited a couple of months back, so I doubt there is an issue with the client.

Members visibility is set to Group owner, members, and moderators.

I just tried to reproduce and it did not fail… It might be that the person bumping into this error has been keeping her browser open for too long without reloading… I’ll check with her in the morning.


The problem seems to have vanished during the night. I guess I’ll simply accept @supermathie’s answer since there’s no simple way to trace where the issue comes from and Michael is certainly more knowledgeable in this context.

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