Notify All Group Owners for Membership Requests

Hi there!

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I’ve been doing some research for quite a while now and didn’t find anything related to my problem, so here it goes:

In my Discourse instance, I have a closed group where people can request to join. When a request is made, all group owners should be notified and included in the personal message, right? Wrong. There wasn’t a single request where all group owners were notified; it was always some of the owners, apparently picked randomly. And this keeps happening every time and it’s been happening for a long time, even with all the updates and stuff. So I beg to ask: is this a bug? Or is Discourse actually programmed to notify only some of the group owners and not all of them?

Some relevant information:

  • the given group currently has 10 group owners;
  • some of the group owners are moderators and others are administrators, but all of them are staff members.

Could someone shed some light on this? :slight_smile:
Perhaps I’m doing something wrong or didn’t configure a setting correctly…

Alright, I just found this: FIX: Only send membership request to the last 5 active group owners. · discourse/discourse@ad4a96d · GitHub

Could we make this customisable?

I’m basically bringing up this topic again:

Specially the comments on the limit of 5 members:


Is there a strategy to know when there is a long-standing group add-request? We have several groups on our forum that get most traffic only during specific times of year, and if someone requests at an odd time, it often sits there for days and weeks. Since there are about sixteen groups, it’s a bit of a chore to click into each one and check the request tab daily.

Our group owners often aren’t frequent participants off-season, however as mod and admin I am on the forum daily. Is the best way to just make myself one of the group-owners in every group so I am notified of requests?


Any thoughts on this @nbianca, what are some possible ideas?


I have a few ideas here, but the one I like the most is to change the current groups page to show the number of membership requests too. It should be a simple change that would offer an overview of all the active requests.

I like the third mock up (see 4th group), but am open to suggestions.

Another thing I can think of is to add a new page (or to the bottom of group lists or a tab on the groups page) that would list all active membership requests, but I believe it would complicate things more than it is needed.