How to have community links unfurl like this?

In this topic: About the Plugin category

How do you get the shared links (e.g. the “Install Plugins in Discourse” link) to unfurl in the quote-like box like, like in the below screenshot? I saw the post was a wiki and clicked edit to to see how it was built, but it’s just a url to that topic.

When I do the same in my community, though, it does not unfurl like this.

Are you linking to posts on another site? I think it only works if it’s on the same site as the post/topic being linked to.

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I’m linking to topics in the same Discourse site.

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click there header area beside the link. works on my site.

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Ah…solved my own problem. Links won’t unfurl if the link you are sharing is in a private category, even if you (the user viewing) have access.

Good to know!


oh yea you can’t share link boxes to secured categories.