Link to another discourse topic isn't displaying as the name of that topic

When I link to another topic on my discourse forum, the preview shows that the link will show up as the title of the topic, but after creating, the topic link continues to be a link.

  • Top of the screenshot shows a link in the topic
  • Bottom right of the screenshot shows in the preview screen that the title is supposed to show instead

I’ve updated Discourse to the most recent version + I’ve been able to reproduce this in safe mode with all plugins and themes disabled.

This applies only to new links that I’ve added. Links that I’ve added in the past keep their titles.

Testing what happens on Discourse Meta post: Call function on page change

Is the link to a protected category?

It’s not a protected category.

Live link here Create Content Licensing Policies - Leadership Development - Youth Power Hub

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Looks like our composer is missing a permission check in preview when you are creating topics. The end result though looks correct.

As a rule we do not like exposing data to users when permissions do not line up.

If you are in a private category called “Leadership Development” and are posting a link to a topic in “Another private category”, we do not expand.

There are complications and edge cases when you change categories on a topic.

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None of the categories used are private, though. And the same post will show its title on meta but not on my forum.

How do I troubleshoot and fix this?

If everything is public it should work, sounds odd, are you upgraded to latest.

Does this happen on all posts. For example any internal link on your forum fail? What do you all call your Discourse forum? - #34 by debryc


Does this happen on all posts. For example any internal link on your forum fail?

Yes, I’ve updated to the latest and yes, every internal link fails.

Is sidekiq working? /sidekiq should show you that, is there a big backlog?

How do the inline onebox site setting look?

The ignore inline onebox setting is checked

Here’s sidekiq

I don’t know how sidekiq works. This might be the first time I looked at it.

Any custom plugins, they can cause issues like this.

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Can you reproduce the problem here on meta? If you cannot, the problem is by definition something unique to your site.

The baffling thing to me is that this occurs even in safe mode with all plugins and custom themes disabled. I will check in on the Layouts plug-in because it’s the only non-official plug-in we have.

I think it’s unique to my site but I’m at a loss as to where to look to track down the root cause.

Safe mode would not solve this sadly

I recommend you completely disable all third part plugins by rebuilding the container with them commented out

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