How to have setting presets for new accounts

I have set up a instance for internal use only of our non-profit (<15 people with only 4 categories, with very few posts in a month, invite only).

Now I need to get them onboard with paritcular user settings set by default instead of immediately trying to coach them on how to change these.

I need for all new users to receive emails for all topics/posts in all categories by default as they are made as we intend to use mostly email (I have email replies and email new topics operational). In essence I need to set up an opt-out (unwatch a category) instead of opt-in for emails.

So I set up a new user for testing. I set their email and notification/categories per images below and that user is getting emails for each new topic or post to a topic as they are made.

So is it possible to set defaults like these so when a new user is created (via invite) these will be their settings?

If not I see it’s possible for the admin to manually create accounts (rake?), then maybe impersonate, and change settings, then send that “Account Created” template? Can’t find any more details on how to do that except what is here.

You can set default notification levels for categories and tags in the admin settings. If you search your settings for default categories (or default tags) it should pull them all up for you.

And there are also default email ones as well.

If you have a look in the User Preferences section of the admin settings you may see some others you like the look of too. :+1:

I looked and looked for these but never saw them (one is swimming in settings which is a good thing I suppose, just daunting initially)

Filtering was the ticket. Thx.

Can you explain the difference between watching and tracking, muted categories?

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I think the descriptions put it better than I can: :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you’d want them as Watching if you want everyone to get emails on new posts.

So would you say if you were watching a category (all posts) there is no reason to track it as you’d already get an email (or worse get two emails)

Thats right. :+1: That’s why you can’t Watch and also Track the same thing. You would need to pick only one of the notification levels for each category.

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