How to hide a single topic from showing up in "latest"?

How can I hide a topic from showing up in “latest”? I found in the forums how to hide categories but not from the latest, or search. Or even from search engines just for a specific topic(s).

Any way to do this without the unlisted topic icon?

A couple of options:

  1. Move the Topic to a Category that’s only accessible by those who you are comfortable seeing the Topic.

  2. Unlist the Topic:

NB Hide unlisted topics for staff by default - #2 by codinghorror

Normal users won’t be able to find those Topics via search.

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Thanks, yes I tried that but it puts the “unlisted topic” icon to the left of the topic like this:

Which may (or may not) be confusing for some new visitors to the forums.

New visitors can’t see this Topic in Latest.

They can, with a direct link (had previously tested with incognito), which I’m using it for.

As a newsletter signup success page, which then also invites them to join the forums. Not something I want to be listed in latest, search, etc.

Yes, so what’s the problem?

the icon. Any way to hide without using the unlisted feature? Which places that arguably confusing icon at the left side of the title.

Here’s what it looks like for guests (not logged in):

Try some CSS? (check it out using your Browser’s inspector).

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I would make a private category and configure Page Publishing to make it accessible as a public page to anon. I think your is an exact use case for it! :slight_smile:


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