Unlisted topics do not appear on Categories page for admins

I believe this to be a bug because…

  1. Admins see unlisted topics on Latest page
  2. Admins see unlisted topics on individual category pages

But the main Categories page does not list unlisted topics.


  1. Unlist a topic as admin
  2. Visit /latest or visit /c/[Category name]
  3. See the topic!
  4. Visit /categories
  5. Try and find the topic! Good luck (it’s not there)
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This may be into feature request land…

But for that matter, I think the topic author should also see unlisted topics in these areas (main categories page, individual category page, latest). Currently the topic author does not see their own unlisted topic in any of these areas.

This is as designed - the /categories page is heavily cached, and if admins see the same thing as everyone else with the same set of visible categories, that’s good for the caching.

(Also one more reason why I think people setting the home page to /categories are wrong.)

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Thanks. That makes sense. Still not enough reason for me to not have /categories as home page :smiley:. Having categories as main page provides a lot of direction to users that is crucial to give them ideas of how to post. The Latest page is too confusing for new users and easily overwhelming.

Back to topic…
What about my other request of topic authors being able to see unlisted on Latest page & individual category pages?

Sorry Jesse, 6 whole years later, closing this as working as designed.

There is not intent to allow topic authors to see unlisted on latest, the intent is to “get rid of the topic” so by hiding it from the list we express that intent.

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