How to hide icons to visitors?

Is there any decently easy way not to show icons to random visitors?

I’m using icons more contentually than just showing decorations (I would like to think that way :wink: ), like giving an easy and general content warning, for example. Then those icons are meaningful for regular users, and all others see just noise.

Most of randoms come directly to a topic via links or search results and direct bouncing rates are quite high (>70 % is high for me) so an icon together a tag is unnecessary.

Is this a major class question? No, not at all. Not even minor one. But for same reason I don’t show sidebar to lurkers who don’t log in.

You could hide the icons with css for non-logged-in users. Something like this:

html.anon .discourse-tag .d-icon-exclamation-circle {
display: none;

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