How to hide / remove the table column headers?


Is it possible to hide / remove the table column headers using this component?


I just removed it using CSS:

thead {
    display: none; 
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Hi Festinger,
Do you use this CSS as it is? In the current state, it will target every table in Discourse (even in the interface), which may not want to be wanted.
If you want to hide the headers in the table builder popup, a proper selector would be:

.insert-table-modal thead {
    display: none;

Creating the table will fill in the headers with default text anyway: “Column 1”, “Column 2”, etc.

Please tell me if I understood wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help here @Canapin.

Yes, that’s still the case and I was looking for a fix :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on how to remove them?

manually deleting the header letters (or text) from the first row ie:|A | B| C | --> | | | |

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