Possible to remove heading in category view?

I am trying to remove the heading for the category view. I want to get rid of the entire header table with the headers circled here:

I think this should be possible in CSS - and I can remove entire columns - but I want just the headers (and the vertical space they take up) removed.

Any help appreciated.


maybe this?

table.topic-list.categories thead {
  display: none;

* may result in accessibility issues


So simple, and such quick response.

Works perfectly.


apparently it may not

thead, tfoot, and tbody

The thead and tfoot elements define header and footer rows for tables. They provide no accessibility functionality and are generally only of use when a long table is printed - the head and/or foot rows will repeat at the top or bottom of each printed page. Similarly, the tbody element defines the body content of a data table (meaning anything that’s not a thead or tfood). Again, this element does not provide any additional accessibility benefit, but there is no harm in using it for table styling or other reasons.

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