How to hide Replies Views Activity in Home

I want hide Replies | Views | Activity in Home Layout by code, how can do it?
Thank support!

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.topic-list .posts, .topic-list .views, .topic-list .activity {

loving…thank so much :*

Where do I include this css?

There may be a better way, but you can create a theme component for this (and for any other custom CSS) and include the component in whatever theme(a) your site is using.

Thank you! This is exactly, what I was looking for. You are a life saver! :smiley:

I was looking for the same and I found the answer in a different post.

Here is what you do.

Admin > Customize > Select the current theme > Edit CSS/HTML > Paste that into the CSS section.

Thank you, to @Dax for sharing the actual code, and to @Cameron_D for sharing where to place the code in this post How do I make CSS changes in my Discourse?