How to implement drop-downs in post body

Hello, do you know how to impletment this feature in the post content? Thank you!!


The post editor supports html too. You might be able to achieve this effect using html I think.


Thanks for the swift reply!! How to insert HTML in the post? I tried but didn’t work. Could you give me an example? Thank you!!

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You’re right. The dropdowns aren’t supported. Its a rare requirement to have dropdowns in the post content but we’ll see if others have the same requirement, or what experts/team have to say.

I like this feature. Also will be waiting for a solution.

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I can’t think of any way to do this at the current time. I guess you would need to add those HTML tags to the allowed tags list for a post.


Can you advise on the example of such html tag in the message area and what to add in the settings?