How to improve the speed of Chinese users accessing community websites?

I’m a technical beginner, and recently a friend and I were planning to use discourse to make a community, and encountered a difficult question.

We come from China, the community server we set up is deployed in Hong Kong, the configuration is 1C2G, the bandwidth is 1M, there are no users at present, it is running normally, it is aimed at users in China, and ICP license will be applied for in the future. However, the speed of accessing the website from China is extremely slow. We tried to migrate to the domestic server, but it is too difficult to deploy discourse on the domestic network in China. This is my website:

  • I would like to ask whether your excellent communities are deployed in China or abroad?
  • If it is deployed in China, can you ask for the domestic deployment process?
  • If it is deployed in Hong Kong or overseas, how to solve the ICP license problem?
  • Can you give configuration suggestions for cloud servers and broadband? (No more than 1,000 people in the next six months)

Problem solved.---------------