How to include a YouTube video or video widget on the community home page?

We are working on redesigning our community portal and we would like to include a video widget or a YouTube video in the right panel as shown in the below screenshot.

Can someone please guide how to achieve this ?


Since you are using the Right Sidebar Blocks component, you can do the following:

  1. Edit blocks settings
  2. Add a new item
  3. In namecustom-html
  4. In params, you add content and as value you can insert your video HTML:
<video controls preload="metadata" width="100%">
   <source src="your_link_to_the_video_here" />

For example:


From my dev forum:


Thank you for the reply, i was able to upload to insert the video with the code but the videos are not playing.

Please find the reference screenshot.

I have tried using the below snippet but the video is not playing.

<video controls preload="metadata" width="100%">
   <source src="" />

Can someone please help us on priority ?

Can I suggest you post in marketplace if you need help from an expert urgently?


What you can do is:

  1. Go to the YouTube video page
  2. Click on Share and select Embed
  3. Copy the HTML content
  4. You might want to remove the width and height so it fits in the sidebar (though, you could adjust the height if you want)


Thank you it worked for us

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