How to inject an email using the rails console?


The following email, when received via POP3 by discourse 2.7.9 just disappears, i.e. there is no stack trace it in the logs and nothing in the admin email panel. To solve that mystery, I’d like parse it from the rails console, as if it was received from POP3. My hope is that it will show some kind of error.

And idea?

mail1.txt (3.7 KB)

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I did not find an answer but found an acceptable fallback. I created a virgin discourse 2.7.9 instance moved the mail to be imported, as instructed when importing mailboxes. It effectively imports the mail and by editing the script/import_scripts/mbox/support/indexer.rb file I was able to add a few puts statements here and there to get more information about the problem.

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