Email in stopped working... halp 😕

Today, @smcalear informed me that emails she was sending to our Discourse instance were no longer showing up.

I checked some things out and found the following:

  1. Nothing I know of changed on the system between when it was working (12 noon) and when it was observed to no longer be working (12:30 pm)

  2. The emails are being sent to the correct address

  3. The gmail inbox we’re using for email in is still being polled successfully.
    It is set up to “archive emails” after they are accessed via POP, and indeed, the emails in were getting archived.

  4. does not show any of the new emails

  5. does not show any of the new emails

  6. does not show anything suspect

Any ideas about what could be going on or where to look next?

Any ideas here @zogstrip?

Is or was something forwarding email to the Gmail account? Could something have broken there?

No, this is just me sending emails directly to the account… and I can see that the emails are being accessed (since they are being archived).

Looking into this more and here’s some more info:

I logged in and grepped through the logs in rails/production.log, but didn’t see anything.

I tailed that file and sent 4 more emails. 3 of them worked, but 1 did not. I copied and pasted the subject and body of the failing one to a new email and that worked. So it does not seem to be content related.

I’m looking in lib/email/processor.rb and it seems like failures should be logged via the log_email_process_failure method in most cases.

But I see now that there is a log_mail_processing_failures site setting which is disabled by default.

Turning that on now and sending more mails to see if a new failure shows up in any logs…

Update: got one more failure, but still don’t see anything in any logs…

:facepalm: D’oh, I found the problem…

I set up a “staging” site a few weeks ago to test another migration. I restored a backup there and made notes to turn off certain settings (like outgoing email). But I did not turn of the POP3 polling there for incoming email.

Sure enough, I see all the “missing” emails listed there on the “received” and “rejected” email tabs.

I will go ahead and turn off the polling there (and update my notes)

Thanks for rubber ducking this with me everyone! :baby_chick:

(cc @smcalear)