How to install Discourse for Wordpress locally running on MAMP

Hi, Discourse looks like a great solution for my website, and I would like to test the Discourse plugin for Wordpress (to replace the comment system). However, I’m not sure how to run/install it to work with my local MAMP Wordpress site.

What would be the best way to get this up and running locally (with Wordpress via MAMP on MacOs)?


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Have a look at which makes it easy to run and manage docker containers locally on MacOS and Windows. After installing it on your Mac do a search for discourse and create a new container, you should then be able to hook up your Wordpress on MAMP with Discourse easily enough, it’s pretty straightforward.


See also: Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on macOS for Development which lets you install Discourse on a Mac for development (easier to add/remove plugins). The server will run at port 3000, which shouldn’t interfere with MAMP.