[Noob] Need help installing Discourse on WAMP as a subdomain to a WordPress localhost



Sorry I’ve been looking around trying to figure this out but I’m new to web development. So I installed WAMP and got WordPress running smoothly on the local server. I wanted a forum for the site, but bbPress wasn’t cut out for it so I decided to try Discourse and I’ve ran into a wall!

I managed to set up a sub-domain (forum.localhost.com) using some guide with VirtualHost. But I don’t know how to go somewhere to install Discourse. I’ve read that it’s recommended to use Linux, but I’m using Windows 7 and I’ve already started everything on WAMP and this localhost and WordPress.

I basically want: www.localhost.com -> Wordpress
forum.localhost.com -> Discourse

But I’m on Windows using WAMP.

Can someone set me in the right direction please? Any help appreciated! Thank you!


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

It’s great that you’ve figured out WAMP and Wordpress. Congratulations!

Discourse uses an entirely different framework that is a good deal more complicated to figure out. The easiest way is to pay $10/month to Digital Ocean. It’s possible to get a Docker install working under Windows, but it’s a bit more complicated. The instructions for installing it are here.

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