How to install Discourse on already Managed VPS

Could you please recmomend me any resource or developer could install Discourse on already exist VPS that contain linux and Cpanel

This isn’t really going to work if you already have cPanel installed due to the packages installed by cPanel.
It isn’t very expensive to get started with discourse on a separate server as it would only add about $5/month to your hosting cost initially.

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It’s linux VPS with cpanel added after installing linux system. So it’s VPS not reseller

Why not just recycle it? That would take seconds! Delete it and create a new one.

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The only problem I see is existing data on the VPS with cPanel on.

which won’t be the case if they choose to set up a separate VPS.

My domain will be and the discourse will be like this

Can I do that even if the are on separated VPS

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Yes. The sub-domain can be pointed to the separate instance.