How to install focused sidebar on my Discourse?

I found an amazing theme “focused sidebar” and I selected it on meta as default. I would like to add it as additional theme to my discourse. I didn’t find any git repository around. Any hint?


From Focused sidebar

So it is not published for installing but it will be coming to Discourse in a future update. I assume in the form of being part of the default themes and easily available for theme developers to add to their themes, or as a theme component.


Yes, it will be in Discourse by default. We’re working on it now. Themes and plugins will be able to customize it (like everything else in Discourse!).


I would love for this to be released soon. I forked the original ages ago when it was available, and every time there’s a discourse upgrade, it destroys the layout and I have to add some very dodgy CSS to make it look correct :smiley:


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