How to install mod_cloudflare

is there any way to install mod_cloudflare? becuase when users getting logged discourse showing cloudflare’s IPs i’m not able to find proper guide

There’s no need to install mod_cloudflare - a cloudflare template is provided which will handle passing the correct IP address in.

Please note that none of Cloudflare’s optimisation features are supported with Discourse. You’re going to need a page rule to ‘disable performance’ otherwise Cloudflare will alter the payload and leave your site in an unsupported state.


tried it still showing cloudflare IPS


screen shot of cloudflare rule

Did you rebuild after editing your YML file?

yes i did rebuild after editing

And what syntax did you use in the yml for the Cloudflare template?

i’m sorry i have not modified the yml just disabled performance from cloudflare can you share what to add in yml?

Add the Cloudflare template to your templates section:

Under templates: add:

- "templates/cloudflare.template.yml"