How to integrate in discourse in zenodo

Newbie question. I’m an academic looking to host an open science/source/access seminar on Zenodo with Discourse integrated. I’ve created a Github account but am now stuck. How can I proceed?
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Integrated how?

Can you say more about what you’re trying to do?

sure. I would like to integrate a discourse discussion forum in the Zenodo community I’ve created on journalism studies. The goal is to organize a series of open science/access/source seminars. A(n invited) speaker uploads a working paper/document to the Zenodo community which we then discuss for two to three weeks (hence the need for an integrated forum discussion tool/platform).
All comments and feedback appreciated.

The simple solution is to just create a topic in Discourse that has a link to the thing that you want to discuss; no customization needed.

If zenodo will allow embedding javascript then you can check out Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript