Volunteers integrating Discourse into a homelessness/well-being site as a community building hub. Looking for enthusiast to play with API's

I lead a volunteer community targeting positive and creative ways to bring more peace and well-being into the world. We’re aiming to improve the lives of people who are homeless around the world (with one project), and also building our micro-volunteering hub.

After finding out that Discus, the industry standard for commenting systems, had been bought by Zeta global and was selling user data - We couldn’t use it in our build due to our community values statement. An incredible opensource project and community like Discourse was what i dreamed of as a two way commenting system.

We also needed to build user profiles, messaging, tools, admin areas, etc, and I realised that it might be possible to integrate Discourse into the platform, basically strapping it on as a backend and community building hub for any website. So partnering with the Docus plugin, that’s what we began building.

It’s going great. we have messaging and notifications hooked up. I currently handle the Discourse side, and it’s getting a bit out of my depth as i’m not really a developer. We need someone, or a few people, to join the build and play around with Discourse API’s and turn Discourse into a plug and play community integration tool. Integrating things like User Levels, Hash Tags, Admin/Moderator Status - basically pulling out API’s for devs in the React side to hook into, creating a seamless transition between discourse and an external site.

We’re building in React and Meteor. That side has a few people working on it already, it’s a Discourse hobbyist we’re looking for to help out on the Discourse side. Pretty much everything will be Open Sourced for all to play with.

You can have a look at The Brighter Tomorrow Map here.

DM me your email address to join in

Also, if you know anyone else with any skills who’d like to join in please do invite them. The community is open to all :slight_smile:


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