How to integrate wallet-gating / token-gating on Discourse?

Hi Discourse community, would like to know how to integrate wallet-gating on Discourse, similar to what ApeCoin DAO Discourse has:

Does anyone know which exact plugin / feature ApeCoin DAO Discourse uses? Attached a screenshot re their wallet-gating flow (left: pop-up message when trying to comment, right: page when you click “connect a wallet” hyperlink). Would be great to know how exactly they integrated the “Scan with WalletConnect” feature.

Any info and reference links would be highly appreciated! Thanks all.


  • When a user wants to comment on a post, they’re prompted to connect their wallet if they’ve not already connected it
  • Wallet scanning capability to detect that the user’s wallet contains at least 1 NFT from a specific collection (if this isn’t fulfilled, then the user won’t be able to post/comment on this Discourse)
  • Flexibility for the admin to add more token requirements in the future (e.g. wallet must hold at least 1 NFT from a specific collection, OR hold a certain amount of tokens from another erc721/erc20 collection)

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Trying to find the same solution!

Scan with WalletConnect could be a really great feature