How to limit topic invites to certain trust levels?

I’ve been getting reports of TL2 members using the topic invite features a bit too much. I’d like to limit it to our TL4 users(Since our intent of using topic invites is for urgent calls). I can’t seem to find the site setting. If there is one, what is it called?

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Hello there @Chaboi_3000!

For invite settings just search invite into the site settings.

If you mean totally stop invites for everyone except for TL4 I do not think that is possible.

Maybe you can decrease the number of invites per day?

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I think that’s the setting for the forum invitations, not the topic invitations. The one I’m looking to disable for non-TL4 is this one:

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That will be this setting

max topic invitations per day

Unfortunately this is not configurable by TL.


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