How to make a form filler expand the text entry bar vertically?

First and foremost, I would like to express my profound gratitude for such an impressive component of the theme :clap:
How might I configure, either through CSS or possibly by alternative means, so that the size of the text input row (container) expands downward depending on the volume of text? Nevertheless, it is crucial to limit the number of characters for input.
Here’s an illustration:

Could someone lend me their assistance, please? :pray:

In the past, I utilized Google Translate for this forum; however, presently, I am harnessing the powers of AI :magic_wand:
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You could use the Custom Wizard Plugin :mage: instead.

This allows character limited text boxes of specified sizes. I can’t recall if they expand though.

It is of course a plugin, which can be difficult to access depending on your hosting, and it can only produce new topics (or PMs) and not replies.


Hello, thanks for the tip :raised_hands:!

I wanted to use a placeholder form to send requests to artificial intelligence. That is, I plan to create a questionnaire (hint) with which the user can independently compose a request and send it to the AI. I would love to use the Custom Wizard Plugin, but currently existing Discourse AI (Chatbot plagin) plugins do not communicate with the Custom Wizard Plugin.

Having written your answer, I immediately started thinking - why is this relationship between plugins needed? :thinking: The main thing is that you can create a post or send a message to a user (for example, a chatbot) :smiley:

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