How to make a redirect URL in a Discourse install?

This is my first install of a non-PHP based application. I am completely unfamiliar with RoR. I’m having a little bit of trouble figuring out how to do this on my server, or even if it’s possible.

Background: I have a YouTube channel. Discourse is at the root of our domain. To link to our Facebook, Twitter, or anything else from an annotation in our YouTube channel, we can only link to our actual domain per YouTube’s restrictions.

On a PHP server, I would just drop facebook.php in the root of the server, link to it from the annotation (, fill it with a 1 line redirect to our FaceBook page. How would I achieve this on a server where it is installed at the root level like that?

Wait what? If Discourse is at the root and you can only link to the root from YouTube you should be fine. I am not following this at all. Can you provide URL examples?

You can set up redirects in /admin/customize/permalinks, simply use the external URL mode and enter the URL you want to link to.


You could use the Permalink feature.

Using facebook in the first textbox, external URL in the second, and in the final textbox.

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Excellent! Permalink feature is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!


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