How to make a website with Discourse

I’m going to try to make a community forum and I want to know how I could make one while self hosting. The questions I have are

  1. Cheapest VPS
  2. Place to find domains
  3. How to customize the website.
    Thanks in advance.

Digital Ocean and Vultr work and are on the $5 area.

You can buy domains in Namecheap.

What this means?

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Ah yes, typo. I meant to say ‘How to customize the forum’. My mistake.

When you first install there is a wizard that covers all basic customization. After that if you still want more, there is Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


Alright! Thank you, that will help me when I get Discourse! :+1:

You could as well use the Page Publishing feature of Discourse.

On I use a static HTML file for the index, then all pages are the first post of a topic in a special category called… #pages, where forum members can edit the first post and it will be instantly published as a public web page. The topics themselves serve to discuss contents of the first post. I find it very handy to have an easy way – not for developers – to collectively publish a web site from Discourse.