How to make my discourse community public facing

I am working on setting up my community, in testing if i were to share a link to a topic it sends the user to a login page and will not allow the user to continue unless they login. Is there a setting that I am missing that helps make my community one that is public facing and not so much of a private space?

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is login_required checked (enabled) in settings?

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Further to @Lilly, these are all relevant settings to this discussion:

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I don’t see this setting on my admin dash. I wasn’t the one to initially create the community but i was handed over the project, could this be some issue of not having permissions to adjust?

if you look at @merefield’s screenshot and compare it to your admn screen, do you see the highlighted Login tab on the left like his? that is where those settings are. if you don’t have them, perhaps you have a test build that does not allow this? if you enter “login” in that filter field it doesn’t show up?

what version of Discourse are you running? it will be in the meta tag of any forum page’s source.

i do have the login tab but i do not see settings for invite only, I have disabled the must approve users option, and for login required i have this setting

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Just to note in case it’s relevant, if you’re hosted by us and you’re using the Basic plan then you wouldn’t have these particular options as the Basic plan is invite-only.


it would appear I am under the basic plan. Saves me some head scratching, thank you


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