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I just created a brand new Discourse so I’m still going through the settings. As of right now, I can’t view my Discourse unless I’m logged in. I’m not seeing the same settings options that others are posting as a solution to this problem. I’d like users to be able to view/read my Discourse without creating account. Any help would be great!

In your settings, search for login required and disable the checkbox.

login required: Require authentication to read content on this site, disallow anonymous access.

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Is this a standard install, or are you using’s “basic” hosting, which offers:


So I’m on the 14 day trial period and plan was to stay on the $25 per month plan. Would that be the reason I’m not seeing the option?


Hi @ahunziker. :wave:

As Jay pointed out, the Basic plan is for private communities, so you won’t be able to host a public site on that plan. That would be a Standard plan. :slight_smile: :+1:


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