Promotion over Discourse

I’ve started with mine Forum last week.
I’m happy how everything works but there are still no users.

I know that Building communities is hard. It takes months if not years.

But I was wondering is there some clan of Discoursians that joins each other Forum on it’s start?
Dozen users with dozen posts…

Here some users coming but mostly just viewers. Not posters…


I guess same curse is following me over all forums LOL :sunglasses:

Promotion in that way is only valid if your content is awesome.

If it’s not, do not do that!


That’s understandable.

I’m talking about content that could succeed but it need boost at the start.
Or give a faster grow.

But even then, if content is poor and forum is useless, user will get feedback from the community.
Even before start to invite other users.
Then give up or fix things and make successful story.

I’m not saying that everyone need to support some idea knowing it’s a failure.

I’m just think that supporting new users could sometimes achieve success that is benefit for the user, Discourse and community.

Maybe just a subforum or something. I don’t know. I’m new :slight_smile:

It sounds like there might be a problem of not enough “seed” content to get things started. Some might consider it a bit “wrong” but if there aren’t enough Staff to start interesting topics, I don’t think posting under alias accounts is all that bad in giving the impression of a larger community than there is.

Though some type of “forum starter” cooperative does sound like it could work, if there was one.


It’s important to remember that people will only join your community if there is value in it for them. We’re all busy – what problem does your community solve for someone that will make it worthwhile for them to sacrifice time?

The way to get any community up and running is to soft launch to a beta group of founding members. Those should be people that you already have a really strong relationship with. They essentially form a micro-community, to which you keep adding.

I consider it a bit wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


A Forum Developer walks into a bar and he just sits there and drinks beer.
Third parties see people sitting there so they do the same.

He could google most popular bar in the neighborhood but why not try this startup bar?
Of course, he could wait that bar become so popular that it’s on the first page of the Google.

I won’t talk now about benefits of expanding market (more successful forums means more plugins etc).

Let’s assume n new Forums per month.

Mine intention wasn’t that you, or other, spend their time writing 10n posts per month. Truly, I don’t see your value there either.

What I was thinking is that those n forums can organize (here?!) and help each other.
That’s n*(n-1) posts.
Enough for a start.
I see there value for all.

What if they do line dancing at that bar and that’s just really not his thing?


Then he won’t go there. It’s about finding common interest.
But maybe someone else just adore line dancing.
And someone else suggest that pole dancing would be much more efficient :slight_smile:

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What about square dancing?